Sanko Plastics, Philippines - Retail Distribution
Companies that engage in this type of business usually have to deal with transporting various items from their warehouse to their outlets. Sanko Plastics has developed various crates to help you transport your goods from your distribution center to your individual retail outlets.

We also save you the trouble of unpacking certain break-bulk items by giving you the option to use the same transport crates as display crates. We focus on making these particular crates attractive, in addition to giving you the usual Sanko guarantee of durability, to help you make eye-catching displays. 

50-F nestable, stackable with built-in cover
A Crates nestable, stackable
SCR stackable, collapsible
CL-1 stackable
CL-2 stackable



CP-1 (Foldable) CP-2 (Foldable) 55F 25F

50F 30F A120 A85
A50 PM-1 PM-5 PM-2