Nothing matches the flavor of freshly harvested produce from the farm. While that's the ideal, our customers depend on wet markets and supermarkets for their fresh fruits and vegetables. But with Sanko harvest and transport crates, you're sure the product stays fresh and appealing from the field to the store. Your profits stay high because spoilage from improper handling can be reduced. Our crates offer good protection and excellent ventilation. From the field to the store, Sanko crates protect your products and your profits.

Fruits and veggies

No single crate is ideal for all types of produce. That is why Sanko developed 4 crate sizes to help you maintain the freshness of your harvest. We offer the A-series crates which comes in 50, 85, and 120 liter capacities and our PL3J crate which can hold 50 liters.

PL-3J A#50 A#85 A#120
All our crates have been reinforced to handle the rigors of farm use. The inside of our crates are smooth to prevent bruising.
Using crates maximizes your profits by reducing your loses due to spoilage during transit. Our crates are inter-stackable and cross-stackable to provide stability during transit whether you use pallets or not.

Our supermarket display line ensures eye-catching display of the produce. We cover the whole range of sizes of fruits and make sure the shelves appear to be full at all times.